Sneaky fuckers at BlogPress decided to add a little bit of advertising to every photo up upload remotely using there App. Super annoying.  Its not like it was a free App either.  I would expect that from a free app. Sorry about that.  I will no longer use bloggpress because of it... Ughh.  Ads... Ughh...
Also, anything uploaded from said app looks like shit on the main page.

 In the words of Neil Young:
"Piece Of Crap"
Tried to save the trees
Bought a platsic bag
The bottom fell out
It was a piece of crap

Saw it on the tube
Bought it on the phone
Now you're home alone
It's a piece of crap

I tried to plug in it
I tried to turn it on
When I got it home
It was a piece of crap

Got it from a friend
On him you can depend
I found out in the end
It was a piece of crap

I'm trying to save the trees
I saw it on TV
They cut the forest down
To build a piece of crap

I went back to the store
They gave me four more
The guy told me at the door
It's a piece of crap


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