Drove up to Aberdeen and Dundee over the last few days.  I have tons to post.  So many great people.  Also checked out the Aberfeldy Whisky Distillery.  Amazing.  Free Scotch at the end of the tour too!

These are washback tanks reach throught the floor about 16'.  That makes them 16' tall casks of 8% beer.

All that beer gets boiled and distilled through theses and refine to about 70% alcohol/vol. before it distilled water is added to mellow it out to around 40%.  Its clear like moonshine when it comes out and has all the characteristics the scotch will hold in place.  Its the casks the whisky is aged in that give it the golden color.
This is the blending room.  
This is where they hide all the whisky.

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  1. so cool......i may have had some of your scotch lastnight.........oops