Here are a few from the day Michael brought his new bike home.  Its all changed up now... but its cool have some pictures of what it was like before he has his way with it.  The last owner had done so many great mods (and some not so aesthetically pleasing ones).  19" front wheel with a Norton 750 disc brake adapted to a mid-star hub... and safety wired on real pro like.  As well as a crazy oil cooler on/off system.  The guy even made a wiring diagram of how he wired it with the proper symbols.  Oh did I mention it only has 2800 miles on the motor? 

Congrats Michael you deserve it... 

Sweaty Kickstarter Michael... So Stoked.

Just a few quick changes... nothing to drastic for now.

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  1. front end is cool... funny my friend Al has an Indian Scout with a Norton front end on it as well! He use to raod race it!